November 1st 2023


Enhanced Community Structure = Enhanced Engagement

Communities often suffer from reduced engagement when posts are scattered across various locations, leaving members confused about where to share their content.

This lack of organization can lead to a disengaged and disjointed community experience.

Introducing the all-new Community Home Feed—a centralized hub designed to bring all your engagement together in one highly organized and engaging place.

When your members log in, the Community tab is the first thing they'll see. It serves as a gateway to captivating conversations and essential updates they might have otherwise missed.

Spaces within the Community act as convenient filters, making it easy for you and your members to locate specific content. When creating a new post, you can choose the appropriate space by selecting it from the dropdown menu and reviewing a brief description.

To manage your spaces, simply visit your creator dashboard and click on "Organize Spaces." Here, you can effortlessly reorder spaces via drag-and-drop, fine-tune space names and descriptions, and set posting permissions to suit your preferences.

Your new Community Home Feed has been meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between organization and engagement, ensuring that your community thrives in a functional and beautiful digital space.

Spaces included in plans:

Inspired: 3
In-Motion: 10
Infinite: Unlimited