Follow new updates and improvements to MemberUp.

January 15th 2024



New Community Info Section:

  • Add up to 3 external links

  • Add community thumbnail and description

  • Enhanced Members Section

  • Improved UI on community settings page

  • Removed "closed" community visibility. Communities are now either public (anyone can join), or private (require an invite link to join).


  • Moved into the feed to keep engagement in one convenient place

  • Now able to be collapsed or hidden

Pinned Posts:

  • Pinned posts are shown as pinned in the main community feed, but the posts are now visible within the space itself still (previously the post was removed from the space and shown as pinned on the community aggregate). Posts within spaces appear as normal posts (not pinned), even if they're pinned on the community feed.

  • Creators can pin up to 3 posts at one time.

  • Pinned posts can now be hidden so they don't become a distraction.

  • Addition of a pinned posts filter so users can easily find any pinned posts, even if they've elected to hide them.


  • Multiple courses now available.

  • Course, section, and lesson visibility now exists (published/draft)

  • Rearrange courses via drag and drop.

  • Easily customize your content library header with text, Unsplash, or a custom image.

  • Text, Audio, and video-based lessons all now available.

  • AI lesson transcripts, powered by Luna - your new AI community assistant.

  • Improved resource section with links, and downloads available.

  • Course progress is visible to members and creators.

  • A search bar added to the member management settings.

  • Video and audio thumbnails are now customizable.

Courses included in plans:

Inspired: 1
In-Motion: 3
Infinite: Unlimited


  • Removed unnecessary browser zoom.

  • Added horizontal scrolling navigation

  • Added a mobile-optimized course consumption experience.

Action list of updates you may want to make once these new features rollout:

New Community Info Section:

  • Add a Community settings thumbnail 312px x 160px

  • Add up to 3 sidebar links

New Content Library:

  • Add a course name and description 

  • Add Video thumbnails (if desired)

  • Any PDFS you had in existing lessons will be moved over to the new “resource” section within lessons.

  • Existing lesson names automatically migrate over 

  • Section descriptions have been removed 

November 1st 2023


Communities often suffer from reduced engagement when posts are scattered across various locations, leaving members confused about where to share their content.

This lack of organization can lead to a disengaged and disjointed community experience.

Introducing the all-new Community Home Feed—a centralized hub designed to bring all your engagement together in one highly organized and engaging place.

When your members log in, the Community tab is the first thing they'll see. It serves as a gateway to captivating conversations and essential updates they might have otherwise missed.

Spaces within the Community act as convenient filters, making it easy for you and your members to locate specific content. When creating a new post, you can choose the appropriate space by selecting it from the dropdown menu and reviewing a brief description.

To manage your spaces, simply visit your creator dashboard and click on "Organize Spaces." Here, you can effortlessly reorder spaces via drag-and-drop, fine-tune space names and descriptions, and set posting permissions to suit your preferences.

Your new Community Home Feed has been meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between organization and engagement, ensuring that your community thrives in a functional and beautiful digital space.

Spaces included in plans:

Inspired: 3
In-Motion: 10
Infinite: Unlimited

October 25th 2023




Communities without profile pictures look dull and lifeless.

That's why we’ve introduced mandatory profile picture upload on the onboarding flow for both members and creators.

When new members join they’ll be asked to upload a profile picture, and an optional bio before entering your community.

Just like that, your community became more personal.

Other Improvements:

  • Reduced the opacity on secondary color gradients to improve contrast ratio

  • Fixed a bug that was impacting mobile inbox attachments

October 24th 2023




Communities without DMs are like Italy without pizza—something crucial is missing. But here at MemberUp, we've got you covered. 

Introducing our all-new Inbox feature, where you can enjoy private or group chats right within your community. It's all the functionality you and your members love from Instagram, now in your very own, beautifully branded community space.

With the MemberUp Inbox, you can initiate one-on-one conversations, gather your community members for group chats, customize chat names, effortlessly manage participants, send attachments, and quickly spot unread messages.

This new and improved inbox is available on all plans.

Other Improvements:

  • Mobile UI refined and now includes more visible notifications for mobile users.

September 19th 2023




  • Launched the all-new Feed 2.0 🥳

  • Fixed a bug blocking Admins from editing/deleting draft events and creators from editing/deleting published events

  • Implemented new emoji picker fixed with new Feed 2.0

  • Fixed a bug causing some inline links to be marked as invalid

  • Improvement: Feed loading optimization

  • Fixed a bug with how posts were displayed in search with Feed 2.0

  • Fixed a bug where old posts titles were unable to be edited with Feed 2.0

  • Bug Fix: Space null issue

  • Fixed a bug causing member last active date not to show on profile hover

  • Fixed a bug causing deleted posts to show up in search

  • Fixed a bug blocking posts from being edited on post detail view

  • Change: Removed transaction fee for Infinite plan

September 14th 2023


  • UX Improvement: Add an extra validation message on signup when the password does not meet security requirements.

  • UI Improvement: New Community moderation design

  • UI Improvement: Admin labels displayed in the Member Directory

  • UI Bug: Fixed Display of members with longer names

  • UI Bug: Added checkbox for event reminders

  • Collection of Creator's timezone upon signup to ensure correct event timezone preferences.

  • UI Improvement: The Spark setup screen on the light theme was displaying an incorrect drop shadow color.

September 3rd 2023


  • Added max-width to the site to be 1440px so UI is neater and more condensed. An improved responsive experience.

August 22nd 2023


  • Fixed a bug causing the Content Library UI to display incorrectly on Safari

  • Fixed a bug causing events to display out of order in some cases

  • Fixed a bug where the click area on the play button was too small

  • Improved mobile events UI

  • Fixed a bug causing thumbnails on videos not to display on the video load

  • Fixed a bug where draft content was visible for some users

August 11th 2023



  • Fixed a bug that caused the content library to flash upon load for some users

  • Improved the community name change flow so you're not asked to log back in

  • Fixed a bug impacting Safari users being able to view PDFs on feed posts

  • Improvements to mobile UI for content library

  • Improvements to desktop UI for content library

  • Improved inbox commands

  • Fixed a bug affecting admin logins on MemberUp University

  • Fixed a bug impacting coupon use in edge cases

  • Improved UI on secondary menu

  • Fixed a bug causing a 400 error when inviting deleted members to rejoin

July 28th 2023




  • Released a new Creator onboarding flow and checkout

  • Released a new spark design

  • Released an affiliate program allowing MemberUp Creators to earn referral revenue.

  • Feed Posts now require titles in preparation for a full feed overhaul.

  • Content library UI Improvements

  • Fixed a bug stopping event dates from being edited

  • Fixed a bug where invited members didn't show in the members list

  • Fixed a bug where the message button on profiles didn't open a chat with that member

  • Fixed a bug impacting the "last online" date showing on member management

  • Made improvements to video uploading + playback

  • Fixed a bug where some members hit a paywall when logging in

  • Fixed a bug causing issues with feed permissions

  • Fixed a bug causing events saved to calendar to display incorrect timezone

  • Fixed a bug causing some members not to show up in the members list

  • Fixed a bug where some users couldn't attach videos to the feed

  • Fixed a bug allowing members of a group chat to change the chat name