January 15th 2024



Introducing Courses On MemberUp 🥳

New Community Info Section:

  • Add up to 3 external links

  • Add community thumbnail and description

  • Enhanced Members Section

  • Improved UI on community settings page

  • Removed "closed" community visibility. Communities are now either public (anyone can join), or private (require an invite link to join).


  • Moved into the feed to keep engagement in one convenient place

  • Now able to be collapsed or hidden

Pinned Posts:

  • Pinned posts are shown as pinned in the main community feed, but the posts are now visible within the space itself still (previously the post was removed from the space and shown as pinned on the community aggregate). Posts within spaces appear as normal posts (not pinned), even if they're pinned on the community feed.

  • Creators can pin up to 3 posts at one time.

  • Pinned posts can now be hidden so they don't become a distraction.

  • Addition of a pinned posts filter so users can easily find any pinned posts, even if they've elected to hide them.


  • Multiple courses now available.

  • Course, section, and lesson visibility now exists (published/draft)

  • Rearrange courses via drag and drop.

  • Easily customize your content library header with text, Unsplash, or a custom image.

  • Text, Audio, and video-based lessons all now available.

  • AI lesson transcripts, powered by Luna - your new AI community assistant.

  • Improved resource section with links, and downloads available.

  • Course progress is visible to members and creators.

  • A search bar added to the member management settings.

  • Video and audio thumbnails are now customizable.

Courses included in plans:

Inspired: 1
In-Motion: 3
Infinite: Unlimited


  • Removed unnecessary browser zoom.

  • Added horizontal scrolling navigation

  • Added a mobile-optimized course consumption experience.

Action list of updates you may want to make once these new features rollout:

New Community Info Section:

  • Add a Community settings thumbnail 312px x 160px

  • Add up to 3 sidebar links

New Content Library:

  • Add a course name and description 

  • Add Video thumbnails (if desired)

  • Any PDFS you had in existing lessons will be moved over to the new “resource” section within lessons.

  • Existing lesson names automatically migrate over 

  • Section descriptions have been removed